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Keymaker - New Home for your DeAI Apps

Leverage DeAI Toolset, API and dApp Store

We've developed a comprehensive open platform designed specifically for open-source DeAI developers. Utilize our pre-built tools, streamline your workflow with our Zapier-like API, and launch your application on our dApp Store. Take advantage of the Zero Economic Framework every time your application is used.

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Leverage the Zero Economic Framework

Creating a new economic framework for open source AI developers. Accelerate your DeAI App from conception to launch and make the Zero1 Flywheel work for you.

Build on Cypher

Made for Data Governance and Ownership.

Cypher is tailored for AI and large language model-driven applications, functioning autonomously as its distinct blockchain to facilitate decentralized AI applications.

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The First Fully Inclusive Ecosystem for DeAI

Our PoS ecosystem aims to unify the dispersed DeAi Tools and Kits. Built off Community Centric ethos, Z1 ensures that the economic incentives are aligned with every user.


Keymaker is an open platform with a DeAI Toolset, a Zapier-like API, a dApp Store, and a Discovery Platform. It provides a PoS, usage-based alternative to the dominant PoW computing-rewarding economic models of DeAI.

New Home for Your DeAI Apps

Bringing Meritocracy Back to DeAI

Join a new ecosystem tailored for DeAI creators. We're building an open platform where everyone contributes and shares ownership.

Launch Your App with Us, Get Rewards

Leverage Zero Economic Framework When Your dApp is Used

Gain exposure for your apps, models, and tools through our AppStore and Discovery Platform on our community-centric platform.

Automate Your Workflow

Zapier-like API Streamlines The Process

Simplify your development with our automation API.

Powerful Tools To Help You

And Many Other Resources

From code audits to developer resources and grants and incentives, we foster growth of open source DeAI.

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Access toolings and resources you need to accelerate from idea to launch.

  • Chain Agnostic Product Suite - Faster development timelines
  • Developer Resources - Build faster and better
  • Zero1 Global Community - Get global reach
  • Data Monetization - Monetize your dApp faster
  • Funding and Grants - Bootstrap your growth

Create best in-class DeAI Apps

Zero1 enables visionary developers to build the DeAI apps of tomorrow.

Done For You Kits and Services

High-performance blockchain solution

dApp Monetization

DevOps Approach to Security

Introducing Cypher
Our AppChain Built for AI

Cypher integrates exceptional data governance and ownership for AI and LLM-based applications, operating independently as its own blockchain to power decentralized AI applications.

Optimistic Rollup Methodology:

Adopts a state-of-the-art rollup strategy for high-throughput and low-cost transaction processing, crucial for AI data processing and model exchanges in a high-demand environment.


Rapid Transaction Finality:

This framework ensures swift finality for transactions, critical for the immutable recording of AI datasets and maintaining model integrity.


Versatile Smart Contracts:

Cypher's platform allows for multi-language smart contract capabilities, facilitating complex, regulatory-compliant governance structures tailored to AI data and model usage.


Inter-chain Connectivity:

Utilizes a unique protocol for cross-chain data and asset transfers, enhancing AI model diversity and broadening data accessibility.


Optimized for High Computational Demands:

The architecture is specifically designed for scalability, catering to the intensive computational needs of AI operations.


Secure, Autonomous AI Ecosystem:

Merges a secure contract environment within a decentralized network framework, ensuring a robust, privacy-focused AI data and model sharing infrastructure.


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Zero1 is a global decentralized community of developers, researchers and web3 users who believe in the intersection of privacy, AI and blockchains.

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