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Chapter 1 - Zero1 Labs

Chapter 1 - Zero1 Labs

Zero1 Manifesto

The emergence of AI has changed the world. We strongly believe that AI, coupled with blockchain technology, is destined to become the biggest vertical in the markets.

We see blockchain technology as a shelling point for healthy AI systems, as true data governance is essential for egalitarian AI development. We think public blockchains are the best means to achieve this end.

The economic layer of future generations will be AI-based, and there must be native systems and currencies for this. Blockchain-based tokens will be the native digital currency for AI systems to transact.

Unfortunately, the way modern day data used to feed AI systems is obtained and stored is broken. Artificial Intelligence is produced in and distributed through centralized data silos belonging to just a handful global elites.

These digital castles siphon users data, creating pyramidical power structures, essentially turning AI users into digital fiefs – busy handling away all their personal information, including their most intimate secrets, to feed the machines of their overlords.

At Zero1 Labs we are inspired by Animatrix’s prosperous and egalitarian nation of peace loving AI entities. We believe there is a better, more equal way to propel the AI revolution forward. We’re looking for like minded individuals from all the corners of the distributed computing world to join us as we reshape the way AI is created and shared.

Zero1 Ecosystem

Zero1 is a decentralized Artificial Intelligence (DeAI) ecosystem focused on Data Governance.

We’ve created a comprehensive DeAI product suite featuring a secure, modular, and interconnected platform for DeAI tools and apps. Combined with our Zero1 Construct Program, and proprietary Cypher Chain, it establishes a resilient flywheel, propelling the forthcoming DeAI revolution with momentum.

Our mission is to simplify the development process and enhance the discoverability, growth, and monetization of DeAI products while making sure the user data remains in the hands of its rightful owners – users.

In the upcoming weeks we will share more details regarding each of the modules.

Why Zero1?

The goal of Zero1 is to support the development and growth of decentralized AI dApps.

This objective is segmented into three key areas:

1. Establish a robust infrastructure that enables creators to contribute, train, develop, and host AI applications, tools and models.

2. Facilitate the financial incentivization of open AI networks through the application of cryptoeconomics.

3. Offer a resilient and uncensorable decentralized infrastructure for the operation of dApps.

Powering Data Integrity

Zero1 is mapped around 3 simple ideas that are fundamental to decentralized AI.

Data Governance: Decentralization in AI leads to enhanced data sharing for more diverse datasets, improved data governance for increased trust and verification, shared AI models for better accuracy and performance, decentralized model training for efficiency and privacy, and new revenue opportunities for data providers. This holistic approach fosters a more equitable, efficient, and transparent AI ecosystem.

Decentralized Node Infrastructure: Establishment of a distributed network of nodes that ensures greater security, resilience, and scalability. This infrastructure allows for decentralized processing and storage, reducing reliance on central points of failure and enhancing system robustness. It also supports a more democratic and participatory approach to AI development and deployment, where a diverse range of participants can contribute resources and share in the benefits.

Decentralized AI Tooling: Focus on decentralized, democratized tools accessible globally without fees. The key point would be the creation of an open-access, decentralized toolkit for AI. This approach democratizes AI development by providing free access to advanced tools and resources, enabling a wide range of users from different parts of the world to innovate and contribute to AI advancements.

Such an inclusive framework fosters global collaboration, reduces barriers to entry into AI development, and encourages diverse, community-driven innovation in AI technologies.

Next Steps for Zero1

Over the next few months, we will be:

  • Opening an early beta tester program for developers to try our data management platform and work with our team for testing. Please sign up here if you are interested.
  • We will be releasing a more detailed product breakdown in 1H 2024

Zero1 Labs will be a community-led project.

We appreciate your support. 

Join Our Early Access Now

Welcome to The Beginning…

As an early adopter, you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping our technology. Enjoy the unique opportunity to:

  • Experience Innovation Firsthand: Get a sneak peek into cutting-edge features before anyone else.
  • Influence Development: Your feedback will directly influence the final product, making you an integral part of our development journey.
  • Join the OGs: Connect with like-minded community members.
  • Rank up the Leaderboard: Climb the ranks and invite friends 👀

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