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Chapter 6: Zero Economic Framework

Chapter 6: Zero Economic Framework

New DeAI Economic Primivte

  • We propose an inclusive environment for open-source developers to quickly and easily deploy their dApps and earn $DEAI tokens.
  • The PoS-based $DEAI Ecosystem lowers the currently impassable barrier of entry that PoW-based ecosystems impose, unlocking access to DeAI for everyone, not just the VCs.
  • The ZERO Economic Framework awards DeAI projects that have the most usage with tokens.
  • Our Economic Framework embraces open source values such as inclusivity, openness and fair contributions, bringing back democratic access and meritocracy to the world of DeAI

Flaws of Current DeAI Economic Models

Z1 Labs emerged from our extensive research into the current state of DeAI. It became evident that the prevailing economic models dominating the landscape are not only inefficient but also unsustainable in the long term.

As of this writing, the costs associated with running a subnet for one of the largest DeAI projects are close to $3,000,000 and are escalating rapidly. This pricing effectively excludes most developers, consolidating control within the hands of a select few. We do not consider this an open source solution.

However, the primary issue lies deeper – the flawed design of the underlying economic incentives.

Proof of Work (PoW) models, while secure, reward miners solely for computation performed.

We propose a Proof of Stake (PoS) alternative, which not only reduces costs significantly but also shifts focus to a more vital activity – the actual usage of DeAI apps.

We believe this is how the quality of an AI model should be measured.

Setting the Zero1 DeAI Flywheel

Recognizing the potential for a more efficient, democratic, and meritocratic way to handle DeAI apps production and distribution, we embarked on creating our ecosystem.

It is comprised of a comprehensive DeAI product suite featuring a secure, modular, and interconnected platform for DeAI tools and apps called Keymaker. It currently features 20+ DeAI tools, models, and a dedicated API, bringing Zapier-like automation.

It is also a community-centric distribution platform and features developer resources and services such as open testing, verification, and security audits.

Additionally, we have set forth to establish our DeAI incubation program called the Zero Construct Program and are working on a proprietary Cypher chain.

These elements are designed to establish a resilient flywheel, propelling the forthcoming DeAI revolution with momentum.

More details regarding Keymaker, the Zero Construct Program, and Cypher will be explained in dedicated articles.

New Paradigm for Funding DeAI Projects

In this article, we will focus on the heart of the ecosystem called the Zero Economic Framework. It is a new economic model that harmonizes the incentives of developers and users in an open environment, promoting and rewarding dApps with tokens based on their usage.

Restoring Meritocracy in DeAI

Central to the Zero Economic Framework are three core elements:

  • Code contribution
  • dApps usage
  • Financial awards

Contribution is provided by the DeAI developers, while usage is generated by end-users. As a community-owned DeAI app distribution marketplace, Zero1 mediates and boosts the interchange between developers and users by awarding the best, most used models and apps with financial incentives.

The process is very simple: developers can seamlessly add their products to our open, community-centric app store. Its intelligent design aids users in discovering the most suitable tools for their requirements.

Furthermore, to amplify the visibility of DeAI Apps, we offer marketing support, promoting products to our existing community of users and developers. Additionally, more comprehensive assistance can be accessed through our Zero Construct Program, as discussed in the previous article.

Earn Tokens for Usage

Whenever apps are utilized, developers are rewarded with $DEAI tokens, based on actual usage rather than computational power contribution as seen in PoW models. This meritocratic PoS approach ensures the superiority of ideas, regardless of mining rig strength.

In line with open-source values of inclusivity, openness, and fair contributions, the Zero Economic Framework offers a cost-effective, accessible, and scalable alternative to PoW-based economic models.

DeAI developers do not need to run a subnet to start earning from their open-source dApps. They can easily do so through our PoS-based platform.

Powering DeAI Projects

The Zero Economic Framework drives the Zero Construct Program, a dedicated grant initiative aimed at nurturing a fresh wave of ambitious projects within the decentralized Artificial Intelligence sector.

In this manner, we redistribute value generated by the ecosystem in a purposeful way.

Ecosystem will also reward $DEAI stakers with tokens from new DeAI projects incubated in our Zero Construct Program. Moreover, it will play a pivotal role in becoming a validator on our Cypher chain. Additionally, it will serve as a gas token on our dApp Chain and grant governance rights to holders.

The $DEAI Token integrates the entire ecosystem into a cohesive economic framework.

New Home for DeAI Builders

In conclusion, the Z1 Economic Framework represents a significant step forward in the funding and development of DeAI projects. By addressing the flaws of current economic models and focusing on contribution and usage, we pave the way for a more democratic and sustainable ecosystem.

With Keymaker and the Zero Construct Program, developers have the tools and support they need to bring their ideas to life and thrive in the decentralized landscape.

Together, let’s build a future where innovation and inclusivity are at the forefront of DeAI development.

In the upcoming article, we will focus on Keymaker.

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