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Chapter 8: Introducing Keymaker

Chapter 8: Introducing Keymaker

Keymaker Platform

In the previous articles, we have discussed two essential components of our ecosystem: the Zero Construct Program (ZCP) and the Zero Economic Framework.

Now, it is time to officially introduce Keymaker, the most important element of the Zero1 Ecosystem.

Projects may apply to list on Keymaker here.

Executive Summary

  • A key element of the Zero1 Ecosystem.
  • Our most comprehensive DeAI product, offering a wide array of functionalities and services to meet the needs of open-source developers and users.
  • Foremost module where developers can contribute their open-source code, and users can find various DeAI tools and models.
  • Customized tool marketplace, rewarding the most used apps with tokens and at the center of our Economic Framework.
  • Offers Zapier-like automating API.
  • As part of the ecosystem, it is directly connected to Cypher AppChain and the Zero Construct Program.
  • Built with open-source values, easy to set up and get going.
  • Keymaker’s goal is to become the largest ecosystem for DeAI apps.

Largest Ecosystem for DeAI Apps

Keymaker is on a mission to become the premier marketplace for all things related to Decentralized Artificial Intelligence (DeAI). It serves as an inclusive platform where every component and participant of the ecosystem can come together. Any project can connect with developers of DeAI and users of decentralized applications (dApps) from across the globe through Keymaker.

It is an efficient DeAI toolset, API, dApp store, and discovery platform. It also serves as the central element of our Economic Framework being the front-end part of Cypher. It facilitates the rewards module, awarding the best developers with tokens, bringing back meritocracy to DeAI.

Keymaker stands as a comprehensive toolset for Decentralized Artificial Intelligence (DeAI), offering APIs, a dApp store, and a discovery platform. It functions as the pivotal component of our Economic Framework, acting as the user-facing interface of Cypher. This platform enhances the rewards economy, incentivizing developers of top dApps, thereby reinstating meritocracy within the DeAI sphere.

Founded on open-source principles, Keymaker fosters collaboration, encourages the exchange of knowledge, and supports collective efforts towards advancing the field of decentralized artificial intelligence.

Comprehensive DeAI Platform

It is made of a few interconnected modules, each serving a different role:

  • Open platform composed of 20+ DeAI multi-modal tools, blending proprietary and community-contributed products to streamline the creation of DeAI Apps.
  • Through the permissionless DeAI Marketplace, users and developers can discover and utilize DeAI apps. Developers also have the opportunity to contribute their dApps. The built-in discovery platform serves as an access point for existing and upcoming DeAI products. Increased usage results in more tokens paid from the Zero Economic Framework.
  • The Zapier-like Keymaker API acts as the central hub for integration, offering developers a unified source of tooling for all AI dApps. This cohesive approach simplifies the development process, saving valuable time and resources while empowering developers to create automated solutions effortlessly.

Modular Tooling for Enhanced Efficiency

Keymaker is built using a wide array of well tested and reliable tool kits. By connecting agents to the Zero1 application stack, developers can harness the power of decentralized tool.

One of the hallmarks of Keymaker is its modular tooling approach, offering developers a comprehensive suite of functionalities to enhance their AI agents:

  • Storage: Decentralized storage and file referencing capabilities enable secure and efficient data management.
  • Messaging: Facilitating AI agent communication, messaging functionalities empower collaborative AI environments.
  • Testing: Robust testing tools help identify and rectify issues, ensuring the reliability and performance of AI applications.
  • Security: Automated bug and vulnerability scanning fortify AI agents against potential threats, enhancing overall security.
  • Keepers: Automating key functions and event-driven tasks streamline AI operations, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Built To Scale Open Source Development

We’ve designed the process of getting your product listed and monetized via our decentralized app store for AI models and tools to be the simplest way to begin or improve your DeAI journey.

  1. Submission and Review:
    • As a developer, you start by submitting your AI model or tool to our decentralized app store.
    • Our community-centric review process ensures that submissions meet the necessary quality and compatibility standards.
    • The link to submit the apps will be provided once Keymaker is live.
  2. Listing Approval:
    • Once your submission passes the review process, your product is approved and listed on our platform.
    • Users can now discover and explore your AI model or tool within our decentralized marketplace.
  3. User Adoption:
    • Users discover your product while browsing through our app store.
    • They can explore the features, read reviews, and understand how your AI model or tool can benefit them.
  4. Usage and Feedback:
    • Users start integrating your AI model or tool into their projects and workflows.
    • They provide valuable feedback, which you can use to improve and iterate upon your product.
  5. Monetization:
    • As users utilize your AI model or tool, they generate activity within our network.
    • Each interaction with your product earns you $DEAI tokens, our native cryptocurrency, based on the usage metrics tracked by our system.
    • The more users engage with your product, the more tokens you earn.
  6. Token Rewards:
    • Periodically, we share token rewards with developers based on the usage and engagement levels of their products within our ecosystem.
    • These rewards serve as incentives for developers to continue improving their products and contributing to the growth of our decentralized app store.

Additionally, we’ve prepared a set of good practices we recommend our developers follow:

  1. Community Engagement:
    • Engage with the community through forums, discussions, and developer meetups.
    • Share insights, tips, and best practices related to your AI model or tool to foster a vibrant and supportive ecosystem.
  2. Iterative Development:
    • Continuously iterate and enhance your product based on user feedback and market trends.
    • Stay informed about the latest advancements in AI technology and incorporate relevant features and improvements into your offering.
  3. Scaling and Expansion:
    • As your product gains traction and popularity within our decentralized app store, consider expanding its capabilities and reach.
    • Explore opportunities to collaborate with other developers and integrate complementary tools and services into your product offering.
  4. Sustainable Growth:
    • Strive for sustainable growth and long-term success in the decentralized AI ecosystem.
    • Build a reputation for reliability, innovation, and excellence, establishing your product as a trusted resource among users and developers alike.

Part of the Zero1 Ecosystem

Keymaker plays an integral role within the Zero1 ecosystem, closely intertwined with other essential modules:

  • Keymaker acts as a hub where DeAI projects, facilitated through the Zero Construct Program, are seamlessly onboarded. This ensures a steady influx of innovative endeavors onto the platform, enriching the ecosystem with fresh ideas and solutions.
  • Together with Cypher, which offers a unified framework that meticulously tracks app usage metrics, Keymaker plays a crucial role in deciding which DeApps receive rewards from the Zero Economic Framework. These rewards are adjusted to reflect the contributions and engagement levels of users and developers, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution that incentivizes active participation and innovation within the ecosystem.
  • The Zero Labs team operates tirelessly behind the scenes, consistently delivering tools and services. This allows the ecosystem to remain dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of its participants.

Reshaping DeAI

Embarking on your journey in DeAI might seem daunting, but fear not – we’re here to support you every step of the way! Add your inaugural dApp and kickstart the flywheel economic framework for $DEAI. Collectively, we’ll transform the creation and distribution landscape of AI.

Want to get involved? Follow the white rabbit 🐇 to join our (0,1) Community.

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