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Zero1 Launches Community Program with $2M in Rewards

Zero1 Launches Community Program with $2M in Rewards

Zero1 Labs is excited to announce the launch of its new Community Program, a major initiative designed to foster greater engagement within the crypto communities and grow Zero1 Labs into the largest AI crypto community. 

This initiative is designed to deliver exclusive rewards to new Zero1 Labs supporters by forming strategic alliances with top community projects, thereby boosting community engagement and rewarding active members.

Through this effort, Zero1 Labs aims to:

  • Cultivate the largest engagement network for crypto AI
  • Establish the leading AI community, serve as the premier venue for AI hackathons
  • Entice traditional web 2 teams into the crypto realm
  • Become the go-to crowdfunding platform for AI
  • Onboard Web2 users to crypto

Expanding Engagement in the Web3 Ecosystem

The Community Program is a significant step in Zero1 Labs’ mission to build an AI-focused community. By collaborating with only well-known communities, Zero1 Labs plans a series of exclusive rewards, offering users a chance to claim a share of a $2 million $DEAI prize pool. 

This initiative rewards both existing supporters and also attracts new participants eager to explore the benefits of decentralized technology and AI.

Program Structure

The Zero1 Labs Community Program is designed to reward users who actively participate in conversations about Zero1 on X. We have 25 of the largest communities in NFTs, gaming and launchpads joining with a total reach of over 6,000,000 users.

Participants can earn rewards by engaging with the community and writing unique content about Zero1 Labs. Users can enhance their chances of receiving more rewards by completing various social tasks. These tasks include following on X, joining the Discord community, and discussing $DEAI on X.

Each action accumulates points, increasing the likelihood of earning rewards.

To facilitate seamless participation, Zero1 Labs has a portal for these communities. This portal allows participants to track their progress, maximize their engagement, and oversee their involvement in the program. Within the portal, participants are grouped into distinct categories based on their affiliations with various communities.

Launch Details

The Community Program is set to officially kickoff on July 3, 2024.

To ensure fair participation, snapshots of specific communities will be taken the day before the announcement. 

This snapshot will determine eligibility, and participants will have limited time to engage in social activities. This timeline provides ample opportunity for users to get involved and maximize their rewards.

Joining the Community

To become part of this initiative, please join the Zero1 Labs community. 

This collaborative program represents an effort to build a more connected and engaged community, driving the future of web3 technologies.

Together, we are setting new standards for privacy and decentralized AI.

Follow the white rabbit 🐇 to join our (0,1) Community.

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